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Eurasian harm reduction network

eurasian harm reduction network

True, it is important that eurasian the network organisational form and shop structure of an international network should be accountable and reduction democratic.
Feb 12, 2015, drug Use and Harm Reduction in reduction the reduction mena Region and in Lebanon.It was a challenging reduction period, with changing drug markets, new outbreaks of HIV, rising political populism, budget cuts, and retreating international donors all over the region.Here we made a strategic decision to end our dependence on the shareholders and re-register the network in a new form, an association, that recognises the Steering Committee and the general assembly of members as eurasian the major decision making body.We realised that the current organisational system, inherited from our predecessors, did not network reflect the needs of the membership and did not suit our mission: it makes us vulnerable to the irrational demands of a shareholder.Many countries, including in the Middle East and North reduction Africa (mena) and Asia, permit harm reduction network strategies such as needle and syringe exchange programs (NSPs opioid substitution therapy (OST and drug consumption rooms (DCR) humane options that are conducted in safe spaces under medical supervision.With preparations for this summit gathering momentum, the Middle East-Asia Project (MAP) launches a special essay series that examines harm reduction responses in the mena and Asian regionsthe actors and networks engaged eurasian in such activities, the contributions they have made, and the roadblocks they have.Indeed, there is much to celebrate, and the Thai governments contributions to leadership and innovation in the area of HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support must be acknowledgedbut not blindly.We urgently needed a harm reduction exit strategy.Feb 10, 2015, civil Society and Harm Reduction in Thailand Lessons Not Learned.Many people throughout the world continue to use psychoactive drugs despite strong efforts to prevent them from doing. Within a decade the code countries that had adopted HR as their primary policy had managed to control the reduction injection-related spread of HIV and other blood-borne infections such as hepatitis.
In contrast, harm reduction (HR) approaches code to drug use have been shown reduction to prevent the reduction spread of blood-borne viruses (such as HIV, HBV, and HCV thereby lowering morbidity and mortality rates.
According to Lithuanian law, these shareholders are the actual owners and legal representatives of the organisation, who can hire and dismiss the director and oversee the work xtwostore of the staff.
What is the moral of the story?
Soon she deposed the director and hired security men to raid the office, accusing the management of financial misconduct.Harm reduction is based on the notion that marginalized code populations are entitled to their basic human rights, but in some countries, governments have merely used it as another tool for social control.Whilst there are four distinct Delegations, these Global Fund Board representatives have similar practices for their internal functioning and in consulting network with civil society and communities as well as established opportunities to engage with them.Vilnius seemed to be an ideal place code as the centre of the network, between East and West, code with people who speak both English and Russian.Over the past 15 years, many HR initiatives have been launched in the mena region, including Lebanon.But I think no governance structure can prevent the fallibility of the human factor.The shareholders were not supposed to interfere with the day to day management of the organisation they code were supposed to stand in the back and let the international membership, and the Steering Committee elected democratically code by the membership, control the management.The new management realised that they are isolated and they have no support or legitimacy.