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Dreamland reduction

We're All Wrong (feat.
Wonder What It Feels Like (feat.
After the combination, this item reduction will disappear!, reagent - Required item reduction for combining.
Back to Dreamland Online FAQ, Tips, Tricks reduction and Strategy Guides List.Source Gear - Headwear: Spell Damage Reduction - Armor: Anti-Crit Rating reduction - Leggings: Physical Damage Reduction - Gauntlets: HP - Boots: SP - Weapons: Dodge - Shield: Hit - Mantle: Dodge - Necklace: Physical Damage Reduction - Ring: Spell Damage Reduction - Earrings: Hit Armor/Leggings dreamland as Major Gear.Only White White, reduction Green Green, Blue Blue or Purple Purple.Trip Up 4:20.Here is a list of combinations that you reduction can refer on to get the stat bonuses you desire.Decisions You Make in a Dream 0:24.Journey to Mars 5:38.Wasting Time 5:36.You can only combine a white named item and a white named item.Major Gear Source Gear Reagent Major Gear plus one added stat. Refer reduction to number.
The required number of mushrooms depends on dreamland the items to combine.
If you attempt to combine a new item to your Major Gear reduction that has an existing combination, you will be prompted that the previous, old or existing bonus stat will be replaced by a new stat bonus.
Weapons/Shield as Major Gear an item below.
Living the Dream 1:50.Collect mushrooms to use as reagents.Lucid Dreaming 2:05.Play dreamland online ON facebook - Rules Instructions, workshop Icon, you can access the Combine Option by clicking the Workshop icon from your right side bar.Source Gear - Headwear: Crit reduction Damage - Armor: Spell Power - Leggings: Intellect - Gauntlets: Crit - Boots: Hit - Weapons: Attack Power - Shield: Strength - Mantle: Hit - Necklace: Attack Power - Ring: Spell Power - Earrings: Crit, headwear/Boots/Gauntlets as Major Gear an item.Item Combinations, the bonuses that you can get from combinations are not random.After combination, a bonus stat will be added in this item., source Gear - This is the item that you will place on the right slot.The stat bonus added to the major gear after combination depends on the source gear's reduction stats.The required reagents can be gathered from the forest behind Mushroom Village.This guide will help players how to combine items, rules in combining and combination outcomes.Inna Dream 1:11.

Major Gear - This is the item that you will place on the left slot.
Item Combination is one feature of Dreamland Online's Workshop that allows players to add reduction more desirable stat bonuses to their item equipments.